• Chris Albinson

    Chris Albinson

    Chris Albinson Co-Founder & General Partner BreakawayGrowth Fund just another Canadian focused on owning the podium!

  • Saj Jamal

    Saj Jamal

  • Rasool Rayani

    Rasool Rayani

    Passionate about helping, startups, technology & quantified self. In the midst of reinventing retail health.

  • Lynda Balslev

    Lynda Balslev

    Writer, cook, designer, traveler. Publisher at TasteFood.

  • Sean Byrnes

    Sean Byrnes

    CEO @outlierai, helping leaders become data driven. Founder of @FlurryMobile. Active Startup Advisor, Father, Volunteer, Artist.

  • Trilldy


    Trilldy is a social media platform where users share interests.

  • Joel Adams

    Joel Adams

    L'Enfant Terrible. Co-Founder @HackerStudios

  • Katharine Carroll

    Katharine Carroll

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